White Sands New Mexico / © Rainer and Susanne Grun

White Sands National Monument

OPENING HOURS & ENTRANCE FEES: Dunes Drive opens at 7:00 a.m. daily except when there is a missile test (best call the park ahead at 575-479-6124), and closes approx. one hour after sunset. With the exception of December 25 the monument is open daily year round. More about OPENING HOURS and ENTRANCE FEES.

The Latest...

+ Get ready for the 2019 White Sands Balloon Fest which will take place September 6 to 8. Submit your photos or browse footage from previous WHITE SANDS HOT AIR BALLOON INVITATIONALS.

+ If you have missed the 2016 Trinity Site Tour, you will have your next opportunity in April 2017. Check EVENTS

+ Only six Lake Lucero tours per year and reservations are required. Find the next Lake Lucero Tour under EVENTS.

Don't Forget...

+ The elevation at White Sands is 4,235 feet or 1,291 m.

+ You can fill your water containers at the visitor center. There is no water available in the dunefield.

+ Start your hike with a fully-charged cell phone. Turn your cell phone off while hiking to conserve your battery for emergencies.

Photograph top of the page © Rainer and Susanne Grun; smaller photographs left to right © Tory Davis, © Greg Wright, © Robin Roberts
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