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General Info

White Sands National Monument
White Sands National Monument at Dawn
Photo: Tory Davis

You can check admission fees, entrance hours etc. on the official
National Park Service site.

The National Park Service also provides you with a map of the Monument (PDF.)

The map might come in handy because in the past people did get lost.


To find all information in a nutshell, I recommend the fine brochure White Sands, New Mexico - Gypsum Wonderland. This brochure sums up nicely everything there is to know about geology, the history of the monument, and all other useful general information.

If you want to get married at White Sands National Monument, you can. But you will need a special permit. Said permit is also necessary if you wish to stay after hours, conduct commercial filming, research, first amendment activities, large picnics, sporting events, pageants, church services, ceremonies etc.

Go here for info on Special Use Permits.


If White Sands National Monument accessories are what turns you on, check Western National Park Association. These guys sell White Sands magnets, pins, t-shirts, posters, all kinds of books (even in German) and so on and so forth.

We have an abundance of literature on the subject. Check it out below:

White Sands National Monument
By Rose Houk. 64 pages.

White Sands: Wind, Sand, and Time (Popular series - Southwest Parks and Monuments Association)
By Richard Atkinson

Exploring White Sands National Monument
By Mary Maruca

The natural history story of White Sands National Monument, (Natural history series, no. 2)
By Natt Noyes Dodge

White Sands: The History of a National Monument
By Dietmar Schneider-Hector

Lester L. Garton: White Sands entrepreneur (Pioneer)
By Janie Bell Furman

White Sands National Monument : the White Sands experience
By U.S. Dept of the Interior

Structures of dunes at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico (and a comparison with structures of dunes from other selected areas (Sedimentology, August 1966, special issue) (Sedimentology, August 1966, special issue)
By E.D. McKee

White Sands National Monument natural science studies plan
By Lowell Sumner

White Sands National Monument (SuDoc I 29.21:W 58/10)
By U.S. Dept of the Interior

Miracle of survival
By Laura Mangum Shields

White Sands National Monument : planning guide for escorted tours (SuDoc I 29.2:W 58/8)
By U.S. Dept of the Interior

Story of the Great White Sands
By Tom Charles

Draft environmental impact statement, White Sands Missile Range interaction with White Sands National Monument
By Otis M. Pinto

Vibration investigation of the museum building at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico (SuDoc I 19.76:88-544)
By Kenneth W. King

The discovery book
By James Pratt

Dunes and dreams: A history of White Sands National Monument (Professional paper / Intermountain Cultural Resource Center)
By Michael E. Welsh

Archaeological reconnaissance in White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, 1978
By Peter L Eidenbach

White Sands, official map and guide : White Sands National Monument, New Mexico (SuDoc I 29.21:W 58/6/992)
By U.S. Dept of the Interior

Visitor services project: White Sands National Monument (Visitor Services Project Report) (Visitor Services Project Report)
By Dwight L. Madison

White Sands geological report (Southwestern monuments special report) (Southwestern monuments special report)
By Vincent W. Vandiver

White Sands National Monument : planning your visit (SuDoc I 29.21:W 58/7)
By U.S. Dept of the Interior

Regional hydrology and evaporative discharge as a present-day source of gypsum at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
By Roger J. Allmendinger

New Mexico's great White Sands
By Bill Belknap

For your safety (SuDoc I 29.2:W 58)
By U.S. Dept of the Interior

White Sands
By Jill Timm

Report on inspection of White Sands National Monument
By H.E. Rothrock

Fire & ice : An article from: Joe Weider's Shape
By Weider Publications

If you can't find the title you're looking for, you might want to try and search for it at



To the best of our knowledge all information is current. If you should discover any errors, however, please let us know. Thanks!




White Sands National Monument New Mexico

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